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11:13 PM | posted by abbie

Our services are temporarily only down to Taiwan Sprees periodically held a couple of times a month! (:
Do check back with us often to see what new sprees are up each month!

Below we have a full list of services, terms&conditions and miscellaneous information.


We provide 5 kinds of options for buyers!
1) International Sprees (Taiwan, USA, UK, Hong Kong)
2) For Guys - Sprees
3) Agent Sprees
4) Instocks (From Sprees)
5) Preorders/Purchases (T-Shirts, Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies!)

International Sprees
On the navigations to the right, we provide sprees!
Mostly from Taiwan, we occasionally open those from other continents around the world too!
All shipping fees, order formats, and handling fees are displayed along with the posts. (:
Feel free to leave us an enquiry if any!

For Guys - Sprees
We decided to expand sprees to all kinds of clientele which means guys included!
We specially placed the guys sprees as a different navigation so as to not confuse all the buyers! (:
Girls sprees & Unisex sprees will still be on the Sprees navigation!

Agent Sprees
These are selected Taiwan shops on Taiwan auctions who do not provide spree service!
Therefore we will submit your orders through an agent, which explains the different calculation methods & fees! Please don't misunderstand that we are earning the extra calculations than those from normal sprees! (:
If you do not wish to wait for cappings, you may order from the sprees as a Purchase too! Mail us to know more! (:

We personally picked a few lovely items from previous sprees & sell them to you at reasonable, yet ridiculous, affordable prices! :D
No waiting time! Free normal postage included!

We hold preorders for T-Shirts, Cosmetics, & Beauty Supplies!
We now are trying to focus on electronic products such as digital cameras!
No cappings needed! :D

Payment Modes
1) Fund Transfers (DBS/POSB, OCBC) - POSB Savings 195-40928-5
2) Concealed Cash (At your own risk!)
3) Meetup Payments - Locations as per Collection Modes
(Only available to our convenience for efficiency.)
4) Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards only)
5) Bank Telegraphic Transfers (Overseas)

Additional Options

Collection Modes
1) Postage (Normal/Registered) Local & International
2) One-on-One Meetups (Bishan/Woodlands)
3) Red Line Meetups*
(Will be available from Bishan-Woodlands MRT)
4) Meetups @ Poly
(Republic Polytechnic only.)
5) Mrt Meetups*
(Anywhere on SMRT Map, but with a fee charged. Refer to SMRT Website Fares!)
6) Circle Line Meetups - Preferably in Bishan.
(Other spots on Circle Line negotiable.)
7) Home Delivery @ $3-$8**
(Depending on distance - Anywhere in Singapore!)
8) Self-Collection - 3 Locations available (Bishan & Woodlands)
Causeway Point Shopping Centre (Level 3)
5 mins walk away from Bishan Junction 8 (Blk 503 Bishan st. 11)
Home Collection (Blk 215 Bishan st. 23)

* we do allow meetups along other places on the red line for free, you may check our schedule to see which place is available for meetup (:
** we do provide free delivery if our deliverer happens to be in the area, so do state where you live! (:

Terms & Conditions
Average waiting time will be 1month or longer depending on restocking speed.
Do not order if you cannot wait or trust us. (:
We will only submit orders upon payment, unpaid orders will be cancelled, please do not go MIA, just inform us if you wish to cancel your orders by the payment deadline.
We do allow payment deadline allowance but only by a day or two.
NO PAYMENT NO ORDER SUBMISSION. Thus only order if you can trust us instead of requesting to pay only part of your amount.

These actions are taken due to many dead buyers, sorry, but we have no choice.

Feel free to leave testimonials down here at the Comments part! :D

Abigail & Anthea :D

Feel free to contact us!
Please direct all enquiries & orders to : spreerus@gmail.com
We will respond within 48hours

Want faster response to your enquiries?
Add chuaabi@hotmail.com on msn :)

And for even faster response,
feel free to contact Abigail @: 92771526
Please state your name when messaging so I do not have to keep asking who you are. (:

Currently using auto-tagging service, apologies for any wrong tags!

For Enquiries



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